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To much information!

I noticed a friend on Facebook had 3,700 odd friends. Surely it is not possible for a human to process all the information they would put out. I personally keep friends on Facebook to folk I actually know or who have much in common and I will speak to. Anyway, how do we get more people to sign up and take part on here?

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Does technology include or exclude?

I wanted to start this as a discussion but can't figure out how to add a discussion - so case in point.  I'm generally fairly capable with technology and engage in social media and other online activities.  But what about people who don't 'do' computers?  We have some core members who are not IT literate, how do we reach out to them?  Technology seems to be a two-edged sword, for some people it can be a way to be involved, for others it excludes.  We still need to provide opportunities for people to get together face-to-face and use all means of informing people and getting them involved - text message, telephone, printed materials, word-of-mouth.  This creates extra work but otherwise we wouldn't be reaching the people that we want to reach.  What do people think?

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Hello Al

Welcome to Celf A'r Gymuned/Art and Community Al.  You are our first member!  Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in art and social inclusion please?  It would be great to find out more about you if that's OK.

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Art and social inclusion

Welcome to Celf-Able's new Ning site, Celf A'r Gymuned/Art and Community.  Celf-Able is a disabled-led inclusive art group based in Powys.  We aim to reduce isolation and promote social inclusion through providing space for people to come together and do art in a social and peer-supportive environment.  We are interested in the role that the arts can play in promoting social inclusion.  This is a space to share practice and ideas, news about projects, anything to do with art and social inclusion.  It is a space for debate and discussion but please remember to be respectful and challenge ideas not people.  We look forward to seeing what happens here!

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