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Welcome to Celf A'r Gymuned/Art and Community Al.  You are our first member!  Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in art and social inclusion please?  It would be great to find out more about you if that's OK.

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  • HI Amanda, I'm not sure if this is the place to respond to general comments? HI I'm 51 and come from Wolverhampton. I now live in Walsall. I've had Tourettes since about age 5 so have always been a bit different. I've always liked and practised art on and off throughout my life. Since giving up the booze 6 years ago I've been steadily relearning art. Your question was about inclusion. I ask myself,  Do I feel as if I have been side lined because of my disabilities? Maybe more that I find it hard to make art because of anxiety and depression. I may find it harder to reach out to people or organisations to further my public profile. But I am quite driven. I do most of my contacting online which is usefull if you are socially phobic. SO for those that cannot afford the internet or get computer access they may well find it hard to reach out to others. Hope that gets the ball rolling. :-)

    • Hi Al, thanks for that.  I know what you mean about getting over the hurdles to make art, I have a blank canvas that's been staring at me for a couple of weeks now.  Some of our members don't do computers and it does restrict their opportunities, everything seems to be online these days, grant applications etc.  I struggle myself sometimes but I'm probably the most tech savvy of the core members/volunteers so I do my best.  It's a shame you're in Walsall, you would be very welcome to come along to our meetings but it's probably too far for you.  Members find a sort of confidence in that we're disabled-led and most of our members have issues of some kind or other, so we're able to share and give peer support.  There is always a good creative atmosphere and we encourage each other with our art.  We've also done some trainings with community organisations about art, disability and social inclusion, we would like to do some more when time/budget allows, we feel that it is important to spread the word.  This Ning will hopefully go some way towards that.

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