Does technology include or exclude?

I wanted to start this as a discussion but can't figure out how to add a discussion - so case in point.  I'm generally fairly capable with technology and engage in social media and other online activities.  But what about people who don't 'do' computers?  We have some core members who are not IT literate, how do we reach out to them?  Technology seems to be a two-edged sword, for some people it can be a way to be involved, for others it excludes.  We still need to provide opportunities for people to get together face-to-face and use all means of informing people and getting them involved - text message, telephone, printed materials, word-of-mouth.  This creates extra work but otherwise we wouldn't be reaching the people that we want to reach.  What do people think?

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  • The irony is, as the world becomes more connected through modern means, the old sense of community breaks down and so isolation becomes worse fro those housebound for whatever reason. Also those who are simply having to spend every hour working to just survive and still can't afford to be "connected". Those denied free time by circumstances who may wish to create art. How do we connect with these people, or even know who they are? Sad reflection on modern society. Councils are closing libraries and the day centre where I meet to do art and socialise is being closed down before Christmas, isolating many. The answers surely must come from top down, those in government must be told of the value of art and inclusion. But sorry to say I do not believe the current government cares about human problems, and is only interested in the pursuit of money for the few. I'll stop there, getting a bit too political maybe. 

    • Sorry to hear about the closure of the day centre.  Organisations here in Powys have had to scale back too, and some have folded.  I feel that successive governments have talked the talk of social inclusion and empowerment but not walked the walk, targeting services and welfare benefits that are essential for disabled people (and others) to be able to participate.  Politics can't be avoided as there is a seemingly ideological drive to impoverish the lives of disabled people.  Quite what we've done to offend other than existing I don't know.  Through art and collective effort we can protest and have our voice.

    • yes its pretty sad the site is closing down. Its set in a lovely green area and close to the town, so its prime land for redevelopment. Council need money to empty bins and the site is worth a few million I'd guess. I don't think its just my own perception that mental health seems to be an easy target when it comes to closures of facilities. I won't mention anything specific, but can just imagine the outrage and the local newspapers reaction to some other services being closed. ironic when its 1 in 4 people who will suffer at some point from mental illness. Who controls the media? By the way,m have you noticed the time is wrong on the site? The site went down for a while, I thought "oh my I've broke the internet" haha! Have you got a website for your art Amanda?

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